April 13, 2021




Vet Assistance Call American Legion - Earl Graham Post 159 Bryan Texas: 979-778-1936


The purpose of this program is to provide financial assistance to qualified veterans for relief from immediate, urgent and critical needs, for example: funds for utility bills, transportation for medical appointments or groceries which the veteran cannot meet on his/her own or to a non-profit organization whose purpose is to aid veterans.

  1. Qualification: The veteran must present a copy of her/his DD 214 or other documentation which describes the service was Honorable, though may have occurred during any era of service.
  3. request form provided by the chapter must be completed by the veteran and delivered to the VAP Chair or a committee member and a Board member.
  5. The Request Form must be reviewed and approved by at least two VAP committee or Board members. The reviewing VVA members should use due diligence to affirm that all other available programs, e.g. Veterans Affairs benefits, Medicaid, welfare benefits, have been accessed.
  7. The veteran’s request must be confirmed by a third party, e.g. utility bill, grocery bill, written medical appointment, conversation from an involved individual (attorney, law enforcement).
  9. Grants will be limited to not more than $500, cumulatively, during any twelve (12) month period or in the case of a bona fide veterans’ aid organization an amount to be determined by the Board of Directors.
  11. After the request has been approved, the Treasurer will make arrangement to convey the grant by check to a vendor or a restricted gift card. The grant will not be made in cash to the veteran.
  13. .In the case of a proposed contribution to a non-profit organization, the proposed grant must be reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors before it is submitted to the membership for final approval. The membership may approve the Board’s proposal or it may referred back to the Board of Directors for reconsideration.
  15. The identity of the requesting veteran should be held in confidence. Only chapter members involved in the approval and disbursement should share details of the request.

    Last revised 2019


    For Vet Assistance Call American Legion - Earl Graham Post 159 Bryan Texas:  979-778-1936

    Presently VVA 937 Vet Assistance is going thru the AMERICAN LEGION EARL GRAHAM POST 159 at the number above.

    American Legion Earl Graham Post 159 is Located on:
    101 Waco Street
    Bryan, Texas 77803

    For other Assistance Please got to the The Texas Veterans Portal web site:  https://veterans.portal.texas.gov/
    The Texas Veterans Portal connects veterans, their families, and caregivers to the benefits and services earned through their military service. Thank you for serving our country!